Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Website Hijacked By Angry Ostriches!

Website will be temporarily down because of a little misunderstanding. One ostrich claims he heard me saying how ugly he is so he hijacked my website...

Oh bother!

This message was brought to you by banana addicts counsel.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

WANTED! Thief of All Wabbits!

This just in;

WANTED! A bunny called "Big Ears Charlie" is wanted by the villagers of Little Stone who claim that he ate all the towns carrots. The villagers are upset that they can't have carrot cake and carrot soup anymore. Minkey Squad has been called in for the investigation as usual and have been on the search for Charlie immediately in the forest nearby.
If you come across the giant bunny, please keep calm and immediately hide your carrots and call our minkey hotline!

(A file photo of Charlie when he was only a teenager...He is 3 times the size nowadays)

Also making the headlines is Charlie's best friend Fufu who earlier today made a statement that she misses him very much and that he should stop eating all those carrots and return home safely at once for Easter.

Minkey girl over & out

Thursday, March 16, 2006





Signore, signori there is a story behind this, however I must rush to the annual sheep festival in Guatemala. In the meantime, you can try to figure out this extraordinary story. Now off I must go! Swish!

Minkey Girl over & out

Friday, February 03, 2006

News from the planet formally known as Planet Earth, informally known as "The land of the not so wise, but hopefuls."

BBC NEWS.COM-Palestinian gunmen surrounded EU offices
in Gaza to demand an apology from the countries publishing
the cartoons.

Comments made by various entities;

Minkey Girl: Peace ya all! I will fly by with my spacecraft and shower you with lollipops, bubbles and rose petals.

Robin: Great Scott Batman!

His Holiness the 66th Holy Cow, the Holy Lord of Wisdom: Holy cow!

Coconutz FM 100 playing: Hard As Love - Marillion

Monday, January 16, 2006

Memoirs from a Minkey Girl Coming Soon...

Ok, ok I know you all ran away from the chipmunk's song so I put that away in the attic...

Having barely escaped from my last adventure in the mountains has taken it's toll on me and I've been a sick and sore minkey for awhile...I won't say much, however I've saved the duck and he has joined the Minkey Squad. He's been a good friend and has been making cookies & gingerbread man for me (that are quite yummy!) Right now I'm working on my memoirs and won't have time to post much. However, to all my cute Earthling friends out there stay safe and come and say hello once in awhile! Hey you know who to call if you cross an ugly monster or evil turkey!

Minkey Girl over & out

Order your copy today! Coming out whenever it's printed by the cows... Don't leave your bathroom without it!!

WARNING! May cause your livestock to dance, your sheep may start bouncing. However, it is toaster friendly. Not responsible for burnt toast...

Coconutz FM 100 playing: We're Off To See The Wizard (Dorothy could have kept the last bit shorter...)

Friday, December 23, 2005

Whoops boys and girls!!! I was only trying to hijack the Swiss Chocolate cargo plane. Arghhhhh!! No worries...You'll all get your yummy chocolates soon enough, if you've been a good minkey or earthling or whatever you are... HAPPY X-MAS AND NEW YEAR!

MG over & out

Coconutz FM 100 playing: Alvin & The Chipmunks-Here Comes Santa Claus

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


This just in;

Minkey Girl who’s been on a top secret mission (check the Sasquatch files) somewhere in the Himalayan mountain region, has finally been able to send a distress message last night, after being missing longer than a month. MBIS (Monkey Business Intelligence Service) confirmed that they received an S.O.S, but have not been able to locate Minkey Girl due to the weak signal and treacherous region. Earlier this month, Minkey Girl was declared Missing in Action by both the MBIS of Zipton and the Minkey Squad that operates down on Planet Earth. A top official revealed part of the message in a press conference held earlier today at the Bananaville City Hall. The representative explained that he could not give all the details because foul play was suspected, and even though they do not have any suspects, it’s believed that Minkey Girl might still be under danger. Here’s a part of the message: Still alive. Stop. There are six of us left. Stop. Three lamas, an injured, migrating duck and a hairy creature. Stop. We are in a cave. Stop. Cannot find a way out. Stop. Lama spits are ruining my hair. Stop. The injured duck is driving me nuts! Stop. The hairy creature wants to eat the duck. Stop. Found some Sasquatch hair. Stop. We are getting good at poker! Stop. Please send toilet paper, sundaes and potpourri down here. Stop. MBIS and Minkey Squad have both dispatched mountain rescue teams.

Moki Reporting

An example of Minkey Girl's efforts to find a Sasquatch for our Planet Zipton;

Friday, September 02, 2005


Coconutz FM 100 playing: Our Lady Peace-Where are you?